We stand in solidarity with all the brave people of #ukraine, all friends and colleagues we have been working with throughout the years. As civic educators, we remain committed to the truth and to helping others gain the skills to differ right from wrong.

There are many ways through which one can support Ukraine and its people in these challenging times. We started with a series of online conversations, War and Education, as part of our Disruptions programme. Networking & Advocacy is the area of our work dedicated to building relationships and providing a safe space – on- and offline – where members of the community can come together to discuss and jointly act. If you want to know more about past and upcoming online conversations, please, visit the War and Education page.

Others in civil society are organizing numerous initiatives to support Ukrainian people, from collecting and coordinating financial support, donations of essentials, and accommodation, through publishing up-to-date information about the war. Below you can find some of the ongoing initiatives in support of Ukraine. If you would like to share with us an ongoing initiative in support of Ukraine, please, let us know at info@thecivics.eu.


Philanthropy for Ukraine

This portal brings together the most up to date initiatives and calls for donations from the European philanthropy sector and NGO community in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Philanthropy for Ukraine is a portal supported by Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea), Centre francais des Fond et Fondations (CFF), Ariadne, the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI), EDGE Funders Alliance, MitOst, iac Berlin

Further information: www.philanthropyforukraine.eu

Future of Ukraine Fellowship

To address the humanitarian crisis stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Visegrad Insight, Res Publica Foundation will use all of its proceeds from subscriptions to their website to establish three paid, full-time editorial positions as part of the Future of Ukraine Fellowship for a six-month period.

Further information: www.visegradinsight.eu/future-of-ukraine-fellowship

Support Ukraine Now (SUN)

SUN is a crowdsourced information platform with a comprehensive list of resources to help Ukraine and Ukrainians. Started as an information platform and turned into an organisation of diverse projects in the economic, diplomatic, and welfare spheres. Initiated by Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv) and supported by the Global Shapers Community.

Further information: www.supportukrainenow.org

MitOst #StandWithUkraine

MitOst coordinates the collaborative efforts of civil society organisations that are directly supporting on-the-ground efforts to secure people, provide protection, facilitate evacuations, and connect to temporary accommodation. Their role involves bridging communications, directing financial support, needs assessments and connecting networks and offers of support. On their website, one can find news, various resources and information on possible ways to help.

Further information: www.mitost.org/ukraine

We are Ukraine

One Philosophy together with volunteers created ‘We are Ukraine’ – a repository of truthful information, facts and opinions of Ukrainian and democratic world leaders about the Russian aggression in Ukraine. We are Ukraine’ is your single resource for key facts and easy to share visuals about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war to be used in social media, publications, for speeches and events, and different forms of communications.

Further information: www.weareukraine.info


The DRA has published an appeal for helping Ukrainians in need. On this link, one can find information about the different types of help needed, including accommodation, essentials, funding of local organizations and others.

Further information: www.austausch.org/news-details/help-ukrainians-in-need-appeal

Vidnova Fellowship

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed program for civil society actors from Ukraine, that enables them to continue their work and to network with other European and Ukrainian partner organizations.

Further information: www.vidnova.org

Supporting Ukrainian Businesses and Charities

If you want to get involved and help those affected by the conflict, here’s a list of the organizations you can support, including NGOs, Ukrainian businesses, and other government initiatives.

Further information: www.safetydetectives.com/blog/supporting-ukrainian-businesses-charities