The CIVIC SPACES program focuses on creating the spaces (online and offline) for exchange, piloting and scaling of ideas, projects, and tools of civic education.
Two examples of the distinct approaches we take when curating CIVIC SPACES are the Incubator Workshops and Future Labs. Our Incubator Workshops are where experts and activist from different disciplines and professions meet civic educators to co-create and pilot innovative civic formats and tools. In our Future Labs we invite civic educators from all over Europe to meet, exchange, learn from each other and collaborate.

One of our first rows of Incubator Workshops is dedicated to the intersection between economic & financial literacy and civic education, making the case for a better and more meaningful connection between the two approaches especially in teaching formats for young people aged 12 to 16.

With our upcoming CIVIC SCOUTS mentoring program (end of 2021 – 2024) we plan to work with teams in small and mid-size enterprises in four European countries to enhance the democratic skills of employees. A key objective is to promote a meaningful interconnection between civic and vocational education so that the workplace becomes also a place of fulfilling civic life.