Mission statement


THE CIVICS supports both citizens and civic educators to deal with the challenges of our time, such as threats to democracy, causes and effects of climate change, growing polarisation, and social divides. Our goal is to strengthen the democratic competences, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe. We want to better understand civic education’s diverse set of realities, and explore as well as create new spaces of learning, which facilitate the exchange of thought on the past, present and the future.

THE CIVICS is a a pan-European NGO with hubs in Bonn, Sofia and Zagreb. We work in a multicultural team and believe in a respectful working environment in which we appreciate and value input from all involved, disregarding age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

In order to commit to making our society more tolerant, accepting and conscious, we commit to be self-critical and reflective of our own actions, especially when it comes to positioning, equality and sustainability.

Sustainability is always of great importance in the management and implementation of our projects. We set ourselves the goal of making our work as climate-neutral as possible. We take social responsibility and want to counteract social imbalances through civic education.