THE CIVICS supports both citizens and civic educators to deal with the challenges of our time. Our goal is to strengthen the democratic competences, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe. 

THE CIVICS implements projects in these four key programmes: 

MAPPING & RESEARCH accommodates the quest for a better understanding of the civic education reality both on the national and pan-European level, and for sharing our findings with the community.

CIVIC SPACES are curated formats that drive innovation within the field of civic education and in exchange with other areas of expertise. The programme is also about creating pilots to empower citizens of diverse backgrounds to be better equipped to deal with the complexities of our reality today.

#OURFUTUREEUROPE is devoted to bringing together ideas about and voices from various corners of Europe in an attempt to co-shape a shared vision of how we want to live together on the continent.

DISRUPTIONS is the area of our work dedicated to those events that have a profound impact on civic education. It is also about providing safe spaces – on- and offline – where members of the community can come together to discuss and jointly act upon them. Each area of our work is designed to be transnational and interdisciplinary. We believe that no single person or field, nor just practitioners or researchers alone, hold the answers to the challenges we face and opportunities we are presented with.