THE CIVICS Incubator Workshop

Piloting, Innovation & Scaling

What is an Incubator Workshop?

THE CIVICS Incubator Workshop is a format that approaches key civic competencies from multiple cultural, professional, and disciplinary perspectives. By connecting civic educators from different European countries with practitioners and experts from other disciplines and professional fields, we foster mutual learning, sharing of knowledge and experience, and co-creating of innovative tools for civic education.

In 2022, THE CIVICS, supported by ERSTE Foundation, organizes an Incubator Workshop focusing on economic and financial literacy as key civic competencies. How can we develop and nurture the knowledge and skills related to economy and finances specifically of 15- to 18-year-olds with diverse cultural, social, and linguistic backgrounds?

Since the war in Ukraine affects the everyday lives of citizens across Europe, we want to inquire: How can we with tools of civic education address the economic and financial dimensions, repercussions, and implications of the war in Ukraine focused on the target group of 15–18-year-old teens?

These are the questions we will be looking at during the Incubator Workshop, which will take place from 24th to 26th October 2022 in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the BELvue Museum.

The Economic & Financial Literacy Incubator Workshop consists of three steps:

Identifying and analysing current practices in economic and financial literacy education and training, which address the economic and financial dimensions, repercussions, and implications of the war in Ukraine.

Developing a common understanding of approachestools or formats needed to communicate with and attract 15– to 18-year-olds.

Initiating further exchange and pilots to enhance economic and financial literacy in formal, non-formal, and informal educational settings.

In a 2,5-day workshop, civic educators and economic and financial literacy training experts from different European countries together with experts from the fields of digitalization, social media, visual arts and design exchange and initiate innovative approaches, tools, and formats that foster economic and financial literacy as a key civic competence.

At a preparatory meeting co-organized with Znanje na djelu  in Zagreb in February 2022, the following questions were identified as key topics to be further explored:

  • How can the knowledge about personal finances and financial issues in macroeconomic perspective be best enhanced when it comes to 15- to 18-year-olds?
  • How can financial literacy training contribute to civic education?
  • What formats and tools can motivate and engage the target group to take an interest in economic and financial topics?

The Economic & Financial Literacy Incubator Workshop is supported by ERSTE Foundation.