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“War and Education”

Networking & Advocacy

War and Education is a series of online events, organized by THE CIVICS as part of its Networking & Advocacy pillar. Networking & Advocacy is the area of our work dedicated to those events that have a profound impact on civic education. It is also about providing safe spaces – on- and offline – where members of the community can come together to discuss and jointly act upon them.

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15 March 2022 - Conversation about the war in Ukraine

In this informal conversation, we got together with our partners in Ukraine and others in our network to discuss and make sense of recent events together.

17 May 2022 - “War and Education: monitoring the impact of the war in Ukraine on education in the country and outside”

During the event, our colleagues from the think tank Cedos presented findings in Ukraine, based on a continuous monitoring of the educational process in the countries and reports published here. The presentation was followed by a discussion with experts from Poland, Austria, Turkey, and Moldova.

  • Agenda and biographies of speakers and moderators are available here.
  • A full recording of the event is available here.
  • The presentation by Cedos is available here.
  • The presentation by Anna Gorska from Institute of Public Affairs (Poland) is available here.

Yuliia Nazarenko, Cedos, Ukraine
Tetiana Zheriobkina, Cedos, Ukraine
Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Mass Media, Moldova
Anna Górska, National Integration Evaluation Mechanism, Poland
Dr. Markus Benesch, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria – Education, Science and Research, Austria
Dr. Serap Emil, Middle East Technical University, Turkey


Dr. Caroline Hornstein Tomić & Louisa Slavkova, THE CIVICS Innovation Hub