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CIVIC SCOUTS at work is a new qualification programme which intends to explore the place of work as an avenue for civic education. Through a series of capacity building activities, we want to train employees of small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to become CIVIC SCOUTS.

In the pilot phase of the project, we are focusing on learning about the intersection between vocational and civic education through organising a series of brainstorming sessions, field visits to Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria and our strategic workshops.

In our session held in February in Zagreb and hosted by our partner Znanje na djelu/Wissen am Werk we were able to exchange ideas with representatives of AHK Kroatien/Njemačko-hrvatska industrijska i trgovinska komora , ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, and the Swiss Embassy. Aside from the insightful point of view of business representatives which will help us tailor the programme to the local needs, we also gained a general overview of the business landscape in Croatia and its SMEs.

Against that background, we look forward to our first strategic workshop in Berlin on the 30th of March. The workshop brings together experts and multipliers from a variety of sectors. During the workshop we intend to screen today’s civic education landscape in Germany and identify the role of enterprises within it. Our participants list includes academics of several German universities over to other civil society actors running similar projects, representatives of city councils as well as our funding partners the Robert Bosch Foundation and the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). By inviting experts who have experience in similar projects, we’d like to focus on how SMEs can be avenues for civic education and how to meaningfully combine vocational with civic education. Apart from learning, exchange and networking, we aim to identify strategic partners for the design and implementation of the CIVIC SCOUTS training modules and the evaluation of the programme. Similar to the discussion we held in Croatia, in Berlin too we’d like to investigate how SMEs and their employees as CIVIC SCOUTS can become agents of transformational process in order to contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, sustainable and interconnected world of enterprises in Europe.

Please find further information on the programme here.

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