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THE CIVICS Innovation hub Zagreb has organized the first CIVIC SCOUTS AT WORK strategy workshop. The event was held on the 12th of June on the premises of Algebra University College, and it was jointly organized with the Croatian Zaklada Znanje na djelu.

The strategy workshops are one of the crucial components of the CIVIC SCOUTS AT WORK programme taking place in each of the four countries where the programme is implemented (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany and Hungary). In each country, the strategy workshops will convene professionals from diverse disciplines, to be engaged in discussion about innovative approaches for enhancing civic skills & competencies to deal with major transformations of our time, such as climate change, digitalization, diversity, or others.

For the first strategy workshop, we invited representatives from the business sector to exchange ideas and discuss “How companies can engage in societal change”?

The participants concluded that several key factors are crucial for companies to actively contribute to societal change:

  • Fair compensation: it is important for companies to provide fair wages to their employees, recognizing their value and contribution to the company.
  • Devoting time: companies should allocate time and resources to actively engage in initiatives and activities that drive positive social impact.
  • Investing into continuous education: promoting a culture of continuous learning and development within the company to ensure employees remain equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Risk taking: embracing calculated risks and innovative approaches allows companies to push boundaries and address societal issues more effectively, leading to meaningful change.
  • Corporate volunteering: encouraging and facilitating employee participation in volunteering programmes and community service initiatives helps foster a sense of social responsibility.
  • Sense of pride: companies should foster an environment where employees feel a sense of pride for their contribution to the companies’ success, thus winning them for positive change in their work environment and the wider community.

By incorporating these principles companies can play an active role in driving positive societal change.

THE CIVICS expresses its gratitude to all participants for contributing to the discussion and for making the event a success.

The programme is supported by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Robert Bosch Foundation. Please find further information on the programme here.

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