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Last few months have been quite busy for us with the ‘Mapping civic education in Europe’ project, but they have also brought exciting results.

Check out our project page here for more background information.

Stage one of the mapping in the first five pilot countries is complete, we were able to survey more than 140 civic educators from Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovenia. Last week we rolled out Stage two of the mapping in the same countries asking those same respondents about their patterns of cooperation with other civic educators in their countries. This will help us get an idea about the state of the local networks and hopefully, ways through which our local partners and we can support them.

Meanwhile, we’ve been preparing to start mapping the remaining 16 countries in Europe. After many rounds of online talks with potential partners throughout Europe, we are happy to share that we have completed formal steps with local mapping partners in 11 countries, while the remaining five are soon to be finalized.

The local mapping partners are an essential part of the project, as they offer insight into the national context and help us reach out to the actors in the field of civic education. If you’d like to meet some of them, check out our ‘Mapping partners’ social media series on linkedIn or Twitter and stay tuned to meet the rest in the upcoming weeks.

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