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THE CIVICS recently had the honor of participating in the Ratiu Dialogues on Democracy, an annual event held in Romania. Organized by The Ratiu Forum in partnership with the LSE IDEAS Central and South-East Europe Programme (CSEEP), this esteemed gathering aims to shape the future of democracy in the region through robust discussions.

During their presentation, our colleagues Maja Kurilić and Louisa Slavkova, shared the main insights from our Mapping Civic Education in Europe project. Addressing a diverse audience comprising policymakers, academics, journalists, government officials, and teachers, they sparked thought-provoking discussions on the state of civic education in Central and South-East Europe (CEE and SEE) countries. One key finding emerged from the dialogue: the vital role of universities and the business community in enhancing democracy. This emphasis gains even greater significance amid the challenges posed by populism, illiberalism, and democratic backsliding. By actively involving these sectors, we can create fertile ground for responsible citizens to flourish.

For more details, visit the Ratiu Dialogues on Democracy’s website.


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