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Erikas Marcinkevičius is one of the three winners from our YCP programme, who is receiving a mini grant for the implementation of his project idea, enhancing green literacy among his community. We asked him 3 questions on the progress of his current project, the interlinkages between green literacy and youth work, and what impact he hopes to have with his project. Here are his answers:

1. Briefly introduce your project and update us on your current progress.

My project The Fashion Portal (lit. Mados Portalas) is an event sequence to raise awareness amongst people in Lithuania with documentaries, live talks and discussions on the environmental and social problems of the fashion industry. Currently, the project is almost ready to go live on social media, as the graphic design of it is almost finished and the major things that are left are the technicalities of the event itself – translation of the movies, discussion planning, etc. It is sometimes hard to manage, but everything is going according to plan.

2. How does your project promote green literacy among youth? What is its connection to youth work? 

This event is promoted on social media with the intention to reach young consumers, which could increase their green literacy and hopefully change their fashion consumption habits, as well as supply them with tools and information on how to easier practice a more sustainable life. Each interview and movie will focus on educating people about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and invite people to engage with the speakers that are from the industry themselves, asking questions that arise, thus leading people to apply the knowledge they’ve gained through each event during their next shopping trip.

3. What are the key goals you hope to achieve with your project? What impact do you aim to have?

“My key goals are:

  • deliver a high-quality informative event in the Lithuanian language that would look at the problems from different angles;
  • reach as many people as I can, so that I could start more talks on the problematic matters of the fashion industry, perhaps leading to a continuation of the event;
  • create a space for people to engage without judgment and increase curiosity about the topic.

I want this event to make people think about their consumption habits and fashion as a whole differently, challenge their current perspectives and give more light to the reality of the actual horrible impact of the fashion industry on the world.

THE CIVICS would like to thank Erikas Marcinkevičius for his time and valuable insights!

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