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Anita Dangova is one of the three winners from our YCP programme, who is receiving a mini grant for the implementation of her project idea, enhancing green literacy among her community. We asked her 3 questions on the progress of her current project, the interlinkages between green literacy and youth work, and what impact she hopes to have with her project. Here are her answers:

1. Briefly introduce your project and update us on your current progress.

My project is about the creation of 10 different vlog episodes, called The Green Series. Each vlog is all about a specific climate change issue, which all of us “contribute to” in our everyday lives. The goals of each episode are two: to raise awareness about that issue and to provide a so-called action plan regarding what each of us can do/change in our way of living to help solve the specific problem or prevent deterioration. Currently, the vlogs are being edited, and the first episode is to be published on the 2nd of July. I have created a dedicated Facebook webpage for publication announcements, and a Tik Tok with backstage videos and teasers (whereas the teasers will be published before each episode).

2. How does your project promote green literacy among youth? What is its connection to youth work? 

A very important issue in Bulgaria is the lack of sufficient green education at school. My project targets children, but also any Bulgarians, who are unaware of why and how to change their way of living for the sake of our environment. The key purpose of my project is to show that climate change is not a problem of a specific part of this world – it is a problem, which we all have to fight against, even if it means that we have to change our lifestyle and make certain sacrifices. The latter is what my project seeks to promote.”

3. What are the key goals you hope to achieve with your project? What impact do you aim to have?

My goals are to raise awareness and promote an action plan for an everyday life change. I really want to see more and more Bulgarians doing something about the environment. Every time when I go to the recycling bins next to my apartment and see someone using the general waste bins next to the recycling ones, throwing away a huge bag of plastic bottles and other recyclables, I feel disappointed. It does not take much to use the recycling bins and by doing this you can also be a good example to your kids, neighbours, or others overall, which can help build up an appropriate culture. Perhaps it is oftentimes the lack of will in people – however, the lack of knowledge and awareness or the lack of “how?” is precisely what my project aims to rectify.

THE CIVICS would like to thank Anita Dangova for her time and valuable insights!

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