CIF Projects

Below you can see all the projects that have been supported by the Civic Innovation Fund.

Logo of YSU
Digital Storytelling for Peaceful Coexistence
Center of Innovational Social Research of YSU

The DSPC project is a transformative initiative aimed at fostering empathy and promoting reconciliation among historically conflict-impacted European communities. By collecting and sharing personal narratives, the DSPC project seeks to bridge societal divides and inspire meaningful dialogues. At its core, the project centres around a user-friendly digital platform where these diverse narratives will be hosted and made accessible to the public.

Drawing of a cat with SDGs
Expedition 17 – Exploring Sustainable Development Goals through art and entertainment
Ukrainisches Atelier für Kultur & Sport (UAKS) e. V.

“Expedition 17” – is an interactive educational project for Ukrainian youth in the Stuttgart region on SDGs with a set of lectures, excursions and creative workshops. The culmination of “Expedition 17” will be an art exhibition in Stuttgart, where the 17 art objects produced by the Ukrainian youth will be presented to the general public, encouraging dialogue between German and Ukrainian communities.

Photo of the building of the Center for Contemporary Art
Cross Border Creativity
NorthWork Ireland

The Cross Border Creativity project combines site-specific research and hands-on creative workshops for young disadvantaged people, led by artists Grainne McMenamin and Catherine Bourne. These workshops focus on celebrating our natural heritage and aims to foster a sense of community, encourage self-expression, and build lasting friendships, all while promoting sustainable creative practices that can be continued and shared into the future.

Logos of EWC & Demokritos

AIEdu aims to encourage the development of new approaches and teaching practices in citizenship education by focusing on the impact of AI on society. AIEdu aims to support young educators to become better aware of the responsible and respectful ways to use technology as part of their work, and support the development of the students’ digital skills and AI competencies in order to protect and promote human rights and inclusion in the digital era.

Logo of SUMA
From Dump to Art: Confronting Illegal Waste Dumping
SUMA – Association for Sustainable Development

The “From Dump to Art: Confronting Illegal Waste Dumping” project will be carried out over 12 months in three rural locales: Podravske Sesvete (Croatia), Pécsvárad (Hungary) and Vršac (Serbia). The initiative aims to instil environmental responsibility in local communities, raise awareness of the adverse effects of illegal dumping through art and film, and develop a model for wider project replication in rural settings.